What Jesus Says

Written by Feon L Davis

You are my servant, There is no queers from the start, My answer is find, You are my child, I am yours, I said, You are my servant, Therefore, you sat with me, I am His, What Jesus Says, I am his, I am taken by His Spirit, What Jesus Says, My spirit shouts with voice now, I am relieved, By What Jesus Says.

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Like a baby cradled I surrender, Like a baby cradled with a broken heart, Like a baby cradled take my spirit and heal it, Like a baby cradled, Your glory like the warmth of love, Like a baby cradled comfort me, Like a baby within his mother’s arms,  Shield me and protect me from harm, Like a baby cradled after being born, I am a blessing on this earth you brought forth.

Written by Feon L Davis

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