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The poems you will read here are by the listed author enclosed. And are all copyrighted by the author listed. Please be patient for more poems listed in the future. Please enjoy and be blessed by them. No poems are to be copied, For any reason off of this page. You can only print of the web site with the poem and read it to a friend or in church, or an event. However, please give credit to the Author who written it.  
Brenda’s Creations Christian Artist of Arylic Paints and combines scripture together.    Heather Von St. James ~   A Survivor by the grace of God of  a Disease Mesothelioma.   Latu The Christian Artist ~He combines Christian poems and his Art works YahBut: Abundant Living! God and Art Series ~ Interview  of Personal Gifts  Christian Shop Alicia Gossman-Steeves writer Christian Artist Street Team of Etsy (CAST) Facebook link   Created in Christian Facebook
Reflections of Michelle Yee  A writer of Christian Poetry and Reflected it through her writing. Inspirational Poetry and Quotes and Love In color poem book available. 
1# Blestseller USA Christian and poem ebook Available Now!  “Footsteps of Grace”  by Feon Davis.  BUY NOW 1# Bestseller in USA Christian poem ebook Available Now!  “Footsteps of Faith”  by Feon Davis.  BUY NOW
A guarantee 100% of each item sold are done are all handmade or design and printed with the love of Jesus in their heart.   There is 10 days period, after purchasing that you decided yopu are satified with your purchase.  As well if you purchase the correct item.  Otherwise, you can issue through paypal a REFUND upon sending the undanaged item back.  Please note, this excluse any shipping and tax. If some reason you are unsafisted with your purchase will need send the item back, And a once we have received undamaged there restock fee of 35% of the cost of the item for the return and reselling fees. Thank you.
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