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Your word is my lamp for my feet, a light for my path. Psalm 119:105
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Psalm 144 I was being activated throughout earth: “Blessed be the Lord my strength, Who prepares my hands for war, and my fingers to fight.” PRAISE HIS NAME
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Christian faith base Poems that is Harvest from Jesus Love To bless you.

This site has be up now 12 and 6 month years old now. Ministry Christian in

the name of JESUS. Author own By Feon Davis. Please be patient for more

poems listed in the future. Please enjoy and be blessed by them. No poems

are to be copied. For any reason off of this page. You can only print of the

web site with the poem and read it to a friend, in a event even in church.

However, please give credit to the Author who written it. As well please tell

your friends of  

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